The school is well equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in all the thrust areas. Students get a wide exposure and practical hands on training in the sophisticated equipment during their lab sessions.

A. Electrical Machines Lab

  • DC Series Motor
  • DC and AC panel boards
  • DC Shunt Motor
  • DC Compound Motor
  • Three Phase Squirrel Cage induction Motor
  • Three Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor
  • Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Single phase transformer & Three phase transformer
  • Loading Rheostats
  • Inductive Load
  • Capacitive Load
  • Water Load
  • Three phase synchronous Motor
  • Rectifier
  • DC shunt motor coupled with three phase alternator.
  • DC shunt motor coupled with Dc compound generator
  • DC shunt motor coupled with DC series generator
  • DC shunt motor coupled with DC shunt generator

Power Electronics and Drives Lab

  • Device characteristics (for SCR, MOSFET, TRIAC and IGBT).
  • SinglephaseSCRbasedhalfcontrolledconverter
  • Fullycontrolledconverteralong with built-in module and meter.
  • MOSFET based step up choppers
  • MOSFET based step down choppers
  • IGBT based single phase PWM inverter module Component
  • IGBT based three phase PWM inverter module Component
  • Switched mode power converter module Component
  • SCR &TRIAC based 1 phase AC controller along with rheostat load
  • Cyclo converter kit with firing module
  • Dual regulated Dc power supply with common ground

B. Control System Lab

  • DC Servo Motor Position control
  • AC Servo motor Transfer function and Position control
  • P,PI,PID controller, Lag Lead Compensator
  • MAT LAB software
  • AC Synchro transmitter& receiver

C. Measurements and Instrumentation Lab

  • Wheatstones Bridge
  • Kelvins Double bridge
  • Maxwells Bridge
  • RLC Bridge Kit
  • Electric heater
  • LVDT
  • Optical sensor
  • Strain Gauge Kit with Handy lever beam
  • Flow measurement Trainer kit

D. Power Electronics & Drives lab

  • Device characteristics of SCR, MOSFET, TRIAC, IGBT kit
  • Single phase SCR based Half and full controlled converter
  • MOSFET based step up and step down chopper
  • IGBT based Single phase PWM inverter Module
  • IGBT based Three phase PWM inverter Module
  • Switch mode power converter module
  • SCR & TRIAC based single phase AC controller
  • Cycloconverter kit
  • DSO
  • LCR meter
  • SCR tester