To give an awareness about Gender Sensitization, Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employee and Students.
To provide confidential and supportive environment for Women members of the campus.
To provide the Students access to immediate, hassle free recourse to have their Grievances redressed.
To deal with all the genuine grievances of students and staff of the college.

All complainants should file their grievances either by writing in paper to the committee or by online in MIS.
The committee will meet according to the need for resolving the grievances.
To take conclusive decision and submit its recommendations to the deciding authority to take action for alleged grievances.
The student/staff shall bring up his grievance in a prescribed format immediately to the grievance cell without fail.
The number of grievance settled or pending will be reported to the Principal/Director once in every month.
1 Mrs. A Seema, Asst. Prof. in Chemistry Convener
2 Mrs. L R Bindhu, Asst. Prof. in Mathematics Staff representative
3 Mrs.Jeba, Asst. Prof. in ECE Staff representative
4 Mrs. Shobana, Asst. Prof. in CSE Staff representative
5 Mrs. Paulin Jini, Asst. Prof. in Civil Staff representative
6 Mrs. Manjusha, Asst. Prof. in EEE Staff representative
7 Mrs. C.Sudha, (Receptionalist) Non-teaching representative
8 Mrs. Prema, (CSE Lab assistant) Non–teaching representative
9 Mrs. Santhi External person (MIDS)
Activity in the previous years
1. AIDS Awareness Program on 1/12/2021
2. Legal aspects of social media on 10/11/2021.
3. Seminar on “Women health and hygiene” on 05/03/2020.
4. Brest cancer awareness -camp on 15/10/2019
5. Seminar on Gender sensitization on 12/04/2019
6. Seminar on Gender sensitization on 09/04/2019

7. Seminar on “Breast Cancer awareness” for girl students of Mar Ephraem on 03/02/2018 by Dr. C. Prarthan Roselil MD, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, International Cancer centre, Neyyoor
8. Introductory seminar about “Functions of WGRC in Mar Ephraem” on 18/09/2017.
9. Seminar on “Balanced diet” conducted by Dr. Sudha MBBS, DGO (Annai Hospital Karunkal) on 18/03/2017.
10. Introductory seminar about “Functions of WGRC in Mar Ephraem” for girl students of Mar Ephraem on 26/08/2016