Equipment List
2 Bourdon pressure transducer kit
3 Foot pump
4 Maxwell’s inductance Capacitance Bridge kit
5 Schering Bridge kit
6 Wheat stone Bridge kit
7 Kelvin Double bridge kit
8 Operational Amplifier
9 Maxwell bridge set up and Ring specimen
10 DC servo motor
11 AC Servo Motor
12 Rigged up models of type-0 and type-1 system using analog components
13 DC position control kit with DC servo motor
14 AC position control kit with DC servo motor
Equipment List
1 DC Shunt Motor
2 DC Series Motor
3 D.C Shunt Motor - D.C Shunt Generator
4 D.C Shunt Motor - D.C Series Generator
5 D.C Shunt Motor - 3phase Alternator
6 Single Phase Induction Motor
7 Three phase Squirrel cage Induction Motor
8 Three phase Slip Ring Induction Motor
9 Three phase Synchronous Motor
10 Single Phase Transformer
11 Single Phase Auto transformer
Equipment List
1 Single Phase and three phase PWM Inverter
2 Single phase half and fully Controlled Converter
3 Single phase AC voltage controller using SCR and TRIAC
4 MOSFET based DC DC Chopper Circuit
5 Fly back converter trainer
6 Characteristics of SCR and TRIAC
7 Single Phase step down cyclo converter