It gives me immense pleasure to greet you all of you through the website of Mar Ephraem. The college is known as “The Temple of Knowledge”. It should also be the light house of the society. There is a need to prepare the students’ minds to uphold secularism and universal brotherhood.

   "Vision looks inward and becomes duty. Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upward and becomes faith." -Stephen S Wise.

   When this vision of duty, aspiration and faith has become a reality, it is a proud moment for Mar Ephraem. Beyond providing a sound education, we wish to provide our students a holistic learning experience for life. Today in the era of liberalization, privatization & globalization we try to groom, nourish & nurture our students in such a way that they are fully equipped to meet the global demands. Our aim is to teach students to LEARN, not just STUDY. Hence, we strive to travel beyond the boundaries of mere books. We have realized that the future is abstract and unknown but the youth in our hands are real and can be moulded.

   May God bless us all.