Vision – Mission – Goal




A world class Malankara institution of higher learning renowned for its excellence in Science and Technology and for its commitment to the holistic development of the individual and Society.


To provide quality and Value Based Education for the industrial and socio-economic development of the nation with its diverse cultures through relevant programs in teaching and learning, research, extension and community involvement.


1. To provide value based engineering education that produces engineers who are innovative entrepreneurial, globally competitive and vested with high values and understanding of their professional social and ethical responsibilities.

2. To provide general, specific and soft skills to the engineers to advance the knowledge and competence of engineers for successful careers and life long learning.

3. To initiate research activities focused on need based areas in engineering and technology which enhances creative and innovative endeavors and promote social development.

4. To motivate the engineers to participate in community activities that will serve as avenues for lab to land application of knowledge in engineering and technology.

5. To establish linkages and MoUs with National, International Governments, Industries and other Institutions in the areas of engineering education, research and extension services.


Mar Ephraem is committed to provide value and excellence in engineering profession and to share Gods love.