Innovation and Best Practices


The goal of this practice is to appreciate the work done by the students of the institute and motivate them to excel in their areas of expertise. This practice would ensure continuous improvement in their performance as per the quality policy to achieve the Vision and Mission of the institute.

Students Involvement in Consultancy Activities:

The students of the department of civil engineering involve in consultancy activities along with the faculty members. This practice will enhance the students knowledge and the students will gain hands-on experience on industrial practice.

The Consultancy activities includes

1. Surveying by Total Stations
2. Testing of Construction Materials
3. Mix Propositioning of concrete and
4. Testing the quality of water.

Moreover, the skill sets of the students will also improve by implementing the theory concepts during consultancy activities

Students Involvement in Funded Projects:

The students of the Department of Civil Engineering involve in funded projects with the faculty members. This introduces students to the joy of discovery and makes the process of learning an active rather than a passive one. This will help the students decide on a career path.

Though education is supposed to be an evenly balanced process of theory and application, the college exams often test just the theory part. Most of the marks that the students get are for what they write from their memory. Yes, there are those numerous equations and problems to be solved. But most of that is solved using the pen and paper. The real world demands more than that.

This is where doing a project for a few of the subjects in a particular semester comes into the picture. Projects help the students in understanding the subject better which in turn leads to remembering what we have studied for a longer duration of time. The students will definitely remember a lot of things through project. Projects encourage us to dig deeper & help us learn new things. Projects make learning more learner driven than teacher driven.

And suppose there is a group of friends who are working on a project, think of the many ideas that can be thought of while working as a team. Brainstorming with like minded individuals offers new insights into the problems. There is a lot to gain for each of the team members if everybody works together.

Projects encourage the students to dig deeper & help them learn new things. Projects make learning more learner driven than teacher driven.

The funded projects make the students to enhance society by advancing knowledge through scientific theories, concepts and ideas.

The bridge between the theoretical aspects and real world is project based learning. However, in engineering curriculum, projects are for the final year students.

The skills that the students learn by doing projects make them better prepared for the industry.