Mar Ephraem

College of Engineering and Technology




His Grace Most Rev.Dr.Vincent Mar Paulos
Chairman, Bishop of Marthandam
  • Rev. Fr. Josephin Raj M.A.,
    Correspondent/Secretary, Mar Ephraem College of Engineering and Technology
  • Prof. Dr. A. Lenin Fred M.E,Ph.D
    Principal, Mar Ephraem College of Engineering and Technology
  • Rev. Fr. Alex Kumar
    Bursar, Mar Ephraem College of Engineering and Technology .
  • Prof. Dr. N. Austin
    Director (TL&FD), Mar Ephraem College of Engineering and Technology .
  • Rev. Sr. Theresa Mathew D.M
    Office Superintendent, Mar Ephraem College of Engineering and Technology .
News and Events
Placement - 2016
Mar Ephraem has been consistently setting records of campus placements. Producing graduates who are well equipped to handle the working norms of the industry and commerce in the public and the private sectors.
137 job offers form various M.N.C last year, A panel of in house experts guide the students to make judicious career choices in accordance with their aptitude, ability and knowledge.
Our Vision

A world class Malankara institution of higher learning renowned for its excellence in science and technology, and for its commitment to the holistic development of the individuals and society.
Our Mission

MAR EPHRAEM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY is committed to provide quality and value-based education for the industrial and socio-economic development of the nation with its diverse cultures through relevant programmes in teaching and learning, research, extension and community involvement.
University Rank list
Mar Ephraem students scored many ranks in University Exams and brought fame to their Alma Mater

Students Placed in


  • Bini Varghese ( Civil-A 2015-2019 batch )
    In a lush green and peaceful atmosphere of Mar Ephraem we enjoy every branches of knowledge at its fullest result. Mar Ephraem prepare graduates to use our skills to solve the common problems of the society with a high degree of ethical standard, for this recruiters from India and abroad visit our college to seek out our students.

    To me Mar Ephraem is not merely a college but a holy gate which contributes a bit more… in all the aspects of my Life
  • Jerrin John (Mechanical-B 2015-2019 batch)
    Mar Ephraem aims to motivate and bring the younger generation as the leaders of future. Our college provides good facilities for studies, co curricular activities and sports. They provide us good practical exposure and industrial interactions.
  • Febin Roy (Mechanical-A 2015-2019 batch)
    If one wants a quality education in clean environment education in clean environment and to grow in relationship with God, then its my Mar Ephraem.

    The campus is pretty and beautiful. With the motto “Erga Lumen” Mar Ephraem leads every student through the right path of education that enlighten the soul