Approved Research Centers

Name of the Supervisor
Name of the Scholar
Title of the Research
1 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. L.T. Herlin Development of a Wireless Sensor Network Management System for Effective Communication between the Sensor Nodes and the Controlling Unit in Farms.
2 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. J. Janila Cloud Enabled Hastily formed Robotic Node Network for Disaster Relief Communication
3 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. C.T. Lincy A Portable System to Identify the High Precision identification of the content of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (Npk) Nutrients in the soil
4 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. Ashy v Daniel IoT Based Cattle Abnormality Alerting Expert System
5 Dr. J. Jerusalin Carol Mrs. Innasi Linita. P Classification of images using Data Mining Classifiers.