Fine Arts Club

Looking Beyond Academics

Fine Arts club encourages students with special talents to exhibit their skills in various competitions held inside and outside our college. Many students have participated in this and won many prizes.It’s our firm belief at Mar Ephraem, that to enhance student skills, he or she must be provided with opportunities to explore their creativity. The vision of this club is to provide students a platform for artistic endeavors, to tap their artistic talents and hone them. Mar Ephraem conducts Cultural programs such as dance, arts exhibitions and drama programs several times during the year to encourage creative pursuits of the students. Students form teams and share responsibility in organizing the events.

Talent Hunt -The Talent Fest

Talent Hunt is an extravagant round of competitions where the Freshers are given an opportunity, encouraged to indulge themselves in various Clubs such as music, dance, arts etc.

Festino Beats - The Cultural Fest

Festino Beats happens once a year and it's the perfect opportunity for all talented students of Mar Ephraem to participate in the competitions and showcase their creative talents.
Dance, light music, classical music, fashion show, literary debates, craft and lots of other events are organized and leading celebrities are invited to judge the events.

Mar Festa -Inter College Cultural Fest

Mar Festa is a cultural event that hosts events for students who fly in from various Colleges. There is a plethora of variety in the events that take place, which to name a few are, Fashion Show,Rhythm of Mar Festa,Rock Band etc... Over a period of time, Mar Festa has evolved to a great extent that celebrities from the film industry have graced the occasion. An absolute delight to look forward to, for it caters to the craving minds of thrill-seekers, philosophers and the educational enthusiasts.


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