Festino Beats

Looking Beyond Academics

It’s our firm belief at Mar Ephraem, that to enhance student skills, he or she must be provided with opportunities to explore their creativity. Mar Ephraem conducts Cultural programs such as dance, arts exhibitions and drama programs several times during the year to encourage creative pursuits and nurture talent. Students form teams and share responsibility in organizing the events. A variety of dances and musical competitions are held during the Festino Beats. From cinematic and fusion dances to our own folk dances. Classical and semi-classical all are there. A cabaret of skits, mimes, debates, extempore, Great Escapes, Mr. and Ms Mar Ephraem, painting and drawing competitions are held during the Festino Beats.

Festino beats has a unique flavor and style that makes it a much expected event at Mar Ephraem Campus. It’s a confluence of ideas, a perfect blend of the arts, the skills and the passion to perform.