Mission of the Hostel

To facilitate and accommodate the distant students to pursue their studies in a “family atmosphere”

To create a learning environment to excel in their studies.

FTo enable the hostellers to cultivate good spiritual, social and interpersonal values in order to cope up with multifarious and unexpected situations in future.

Admission Procedure

Application for admission to the hostel shall be made in the prescribed form available in the Hostel office.

Hostel Fee shall be paid to the warden office immediately after the admission to the course is done.

The allotment of rooms to the applicants will be made by the Warden.

Students with chronic medical problems will not be admitted to the Hostel to enable the student to have proper medical care by parents.

Chair, Table, Almirah, Cot will be made available to each student and they are responsible for the above furniture and should return the respective furniture without any damage. Any Damage to the furniture will be charged from respective student with fine.

General Rules

Keep Hostel rooms and premises neat and clean..

Hostellers should speak only in English.

Always respect the other hostellers and their belongings, so that you will be respected by others.

The hostel rooms are subjected to inspection by the Hostel authorities to make sure that they are kept neat and tidy and no unauthorized item like liquor, drugs, lethal weapons etc. are kept in the room.

The hostellers themselves are personally responsible to safeguard their valuable belongings. Always keep the cupboard locked with quality locks.

Movement Register is kept with the security guard to the entrance of the hostel and should be signed properly.

Perfect silence is to be observed during study time and sleep time. Students are not allowed to enter other room during study time. Students are not allowed to enter other room during study hours and disruption of silence will be considered as a serious misbehavior.

No hostellers are allowed to remain in the hostel during regular class hours without the written permission of the warden and the principal.

Visitors are allowed only on Sundays and holiday between 10 am to 6 pm. Only those persons mentioned by the parents in the application form of the hostel would be permitted to visit and such visits will be restricted to the lobby.

Students are allowed to go out only on Sundays from 10 am to 6pm. They should inform the warden about their departure and arrival and the same should be entered in the movement register.

Hostellers may go home only once in a month and the days are given by the college authorities in advance and the same may be intimated to the parents. If anybody wants to go home for other days in a month for emergency purpose, the parents has to request in writing to Warden, Principal and Tutor with the reason and if the reason is found genuine then the warden may allow to go home.

The attendance of the student on the departure day before the leave or holidays and the arrival day after the leave or holiday will be considered seriously and if any person found otherwise has to bring his parent to enter into the hostel.

Hostellers are not allowed to go out any of the working days and other days except Sundays.

Any damage done to the hostel property shall be made good by the member at fault, and if not traceable to any particular member, by all members collectively. They shall not disfigure walls or furniture with writing or any inscription what so ever. Any expense occurred due to disfiguring will be changed from the hostellers.

All cases of illness must be immediately reported to the warden. In case of serious illness the guardian must take charge of the student.

Hostellers are not allowed to keep any power driven two wheeler vehicle or four wheeler vehicle in the hostel.

The hostellers are not allowed to use any extra electrical or electronic devices inside the room. Any special request for Iron Box, musical instruments may be given to the Warden and the written permission should be obtained from the warden with the specification of the device and those permitted devices are under surprise checks periodically by the warden.

The management reserves all rights to terminate the lodging of any inmate at any time without prior notice.

Hostellers are not allowed to stay overnights outside.

Day scholars are not allowed to enter in to the hostel without permission of the warden.

Switch off the lights and fans in the hostel premise when not in use. Keep the doors and windows closed while leaving the rooms.