Patent Name
Patent Number
1 Automatic nutmeg harvester 202241012090 dated 07/3/2022
2 Portable automated black soldier fly manufacturing unit 202241012108 dated 07/3/2022
3 Automated portable vermicompost plant 202241012112 dated 07/3/2022
4 Traditional portable fruit ripening kit 202241012101 dated 07/3/2022
5 Automatic door opening system using mask detection and IR sensor 202241012121 dated 07/3/2022
6 Drive waker: an AI based microsleep detection module for long drive 202241012093 dated 07/3/2022
7 Integrated multiple sensor data fusion& artificial intelligence based monitoring and preventive sys 202141034307 dated: 30/7/2021
8 Artificial Intelligence Based Autonomous Waste Management For E-Environment 202141019996A dated: 30/04/2021
9 Anas Platyrhynchous Domesticus based Bio Inspired Optimization Clustering and Prediction Based Lossle. 201741042792 dated 29.11.2017
10 A Smart Cattle Farming System Consisting of Automated Hydroponic Feeder, Integrated in – House Tempa. 201741039583 dated 07.11.2017
11 An Easily Movable Solar Roofed Smart Ironing Cart to Interact With Users through Mobile Applications Capable Of Sensing Climate and Adjusting Automatically. 201641023740 dated 12.07.2016
12 An Automated Machine Capable of Sensing The Latex Layer of the Rubber Tree and Tapping the Latex Fluids Without Damaging the Cambium Layer of the Rubber Tree. 6373/CHE/2015 dated 27.11.2015