Anti Ragging Committee

 The college has an Anti-Ragging committee; the members from different departments are selected to monitor any ragging activities in the campus. The students facing any such circumstances/ any source of ragging were requested to immediately report to any of the committee members. The Committee meets twice in a year.

 All the squad members are made as conveners of a particular day in a week with around 10-12 teaching/non-teaching members assisting them.

 Critical points are identified in the campus and during the lunch break time (12:30 PM to 1:15 PM) according to their allotted duty on a particular day, faculties go to monitor the area in which they were allotted.

 Another committee monitors the first year block, canteen, college bus, store, etc.

Anti Ragging Committee Members

Sl.No Name School Designation Role
1 Mr.R.S.Vinoth S&H AP Coordinator
2 Dr.N.Austin Mech Academic Director Member
3 Mr.Sam J.Palson Physical Director PD Member
4 Mr.S.Stanly Jino Men’s Hostel Deputy Warden Member
5 Mr.R.Rajesh Men’s Hostel Deputy Warden Member
6 Sr.Leena Mathew Women’s Hostel Deputy Warden Member
7 Sr.Navin Women’s Hostel Deputy Warden Member
8 Sr.Annamal Counsellor Counsellor Member
9 Dr.D. Rajeev Mech HOD/Mech Member
10 Dr. D.R.AnandRejilin Civil HOD/Civil Member
11 Dr.V.Suresh ECE HOD/ECE Member
12 Dr.D.Dhanya CSE HOD/CSE Member
13 Mr.M.Anish John Paul EEE HOD/EEE Member
14 Mrs.M.Jeba Priya H&S HOD/S&H Member