About Us

Welcome to the School of Science & Humanities

The School of Science & Humanities was established in 2009

The School caters to the needs of the first year students and has English, Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry ,MBA and General Engineering under its canopy .The School of Sciences and Humanities strives to mold the students to the best of their ability to develop the basis in the basic Science and Humanities which is required for a budding engineer, to compete and contribute to Industry and Research. The School hopes to train the young engineers to excel in Mathematical thinking, logical reasoning, understand the basis of physics and chemistry and develop the communication skills.

The School prepares students for core engineering branches by educating them in the basic sciences of physics, chemistry and mathematics in the first year. "Professional Ethics" is the Humanities subject that strengthen the ethics of the students. Environmental studies make our students stewards of the environment. The students are enhanced with their language ability by various kinds of activities. Soft skills training programme is organized for the personality development of the students. The School maintains its own library besides a central library of the college. The department imparts quality education to its students by means of demonstration and teaching aids. The faculty to student ratio is 1: 15. The faculty group is assisted by a team of technical and support staff.

Well spaced Physics and Chemistry Laboratories equipped with adequate instruments adds value to the School.

Mrs. Jeba Priya

Head, School of Science & Humanities