Approved Research Centers

Information and Communication Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Research Scholars

Name of the Supervisor
Name of the Scholar
Title of the Research
1 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. L.T. Herlin Development of a Wireless Sensor Network Management System for Effective Communication between the Sensor Nodes and the Controlling Unit in Farms.
2 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. J. Janila Cloud Enabled Hastily formed Robotic Node Network for Disaster Relief Communication
3 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. C.T. Lincy A Portable System to Identify the High Precision identification of the content of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (Npk) Nutrients in the soil
4 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. Ashy v Daniel IoT Based Cattle Abnormality Alerting Expert System
5 Dr. J. Jerusalin Carol Mrs. Innasi Lineta. P Medical Image Registration using Machine Learning Algoithms
6 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. G. Brenda Graph Conversation of Building Plan using Image Processing Algorithm.
7 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mr. H. Ajay Kumar BrainAge Prediction for the prognosis of Neurological disorder using Machine Learning.
8 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mr. P. Sherin Paul Hardware Based Computer aided Path guidance in Building Floor Plan using Image Processing fot the fire rescue Operation.
9 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. G.R. Anu Jemila Fast and Robust Optimization Technique for the Automatic Detection of Matured Nutmeg.
10 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. I. Christina Jane Volumetric Segmentation of Gray Matter for the Estimation of BrainAge.
11 Dr. A. Lenin Fred Mrs. R. S. Sruthi Supervised Network Method of Image Segmentation for Respiratory System Study in Post Covid Patients.