Library Rules and Regulations

Users (Students / staff) should sign in and out with their ID card at the counter when they enter or exit the library.

All the belongings of the users should be kept in the shelves provided outside. They are not permitted to bring anything inside the library except loose sheets for taking down notes.

Silence and Strict discipline should be maintained inside the library.

Chairs and tables should not be shifted from their Positions.

Destroying or disfiguring the pages of the library books/documents with ink or pencil marks are strictly prohibited.

The borrower is held responsible for any damage done to the books he /she borrows. At the time of the issue, the users should check and satisfy that the books issued to him/ her are in good condition.

Periodicals and reference books cannot be borrowed.

All articles that are taken out of the library will be checked.

A fine of two rupees will be levied from a student, for a book, for a day, if he / she fails to return the books by the due date.

The books will be issued as follows

Sl. No.
No. of Books
No. of Days
1 Teaching staff 6 30 4
2 Non- Teaching staff 3 15 2
3 Students- UG 4 15 2
4 Students- PG 5 15 2
5 Book Bank 6 30 4
6 Best User Category 5 15 4

Books will be lend on College ID card only.

Loss of books borrowed from the library is to be reported in writing, to the Librarian at the earliest. The students/ Staff concerned should replace the book or pay double the cost of the book, for an Indian Edition or Triple the cost of the book for a Foreign Edition.

Students are directed to return the books before the commencement of the University Examination and obtain “No Due Certificate” from the Librarian.

Students can use the internet facility for education Purpose only Mobile Phones, Pen drive, CD-ROMs, Floppy disks etc. are not allowed inside the library.

Timing of Circulation (Issue / Return/ Renewal) of books will be from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM.