Consultancy & Commercial Tests Offered

Industrial Projects
250 students from School of Civil Engineering attended Internship at various company like STUP CONSULTANTS, (PWD) Govt. of Kerala, Pentium Private limited, M.S.KHURANA ENGINEERING LIMITED, Artech Realtors, etc
58 students of 2016-2017 batch were placed in various reputed companies
The Faculties and Students of School of Civil Engineering has completed several consultancy projects worth Rs.2,06,000 for Private Companies and Government Institutions like Southern Railway, PWD

Our school offers the following consultancy and technical services to various agencies and companies through the college.

Concrete Mix design

Tests on Steel, Cement

Compression strength of Concrete, Bricks, Mortar, Pavement block

Aggregate impact value, Specific Gravity of materials

Strength of Aggregates, Sieve analysis

Pavement design

Soil Investigation in Field & Laboratory

Water quality assessment

Structural Design of buildings

Drafting of Plan, section and elevation for various Buildings

Bitumen compacter, Bitumen fineness

Layout preparation, leveling and contouring

Various Agencies and Companies Interfaced

Southern Railways

Ideal Constructive Company

J.J Paveres


Green Build and Shelters

Malankara Bhavan

Name of the Company / Agency
Type / Consultancy
Amount in Rs.
1 Southern Railways,TVM Mix design, Tests on Steel, Cement, Sieve analysis, Water quality, Compression strength of Concrete, Bricks, Mortar 172200
2 Ideal Construction company, Nagercoil Mix design, Compression strength of Concrete 37270
3 J.J. Paveres, Elavuvilai Compression strength of Concrete 450
4 S.K Paveres, Elavuvilai Compression strength of Concrete 300
5 Green Build Shelter Solutions Compression strength of Concrete 4250
6 Medical Research Compressive strength of teeth 400
7 Rural Development Department Survey (Contouring) 22150
8 Southern Rail Way Material Testing 45000
9 Ideal Construction Company, Nagercoil Material Testing 35000
10 J.J. Pavers, Elavuvilai Material Testing 28000
11 S.K Paveres, Elavuvilai Material Testing 26500
12 Green Build Shelter Solutions Material Testing 22000
13 Medical Research Material Testing 1000