Faculty Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Name of the Faculty
Name of the Course
Innovative Method
1 Mrs. D. Dhanya Data Structures Animated PPT Graph concept, Dijkstra's algorithm
2 Mrs. D. S Renu Design & Analysis of Algorithms Animated video Knapsack Problem
3 Mrs. P. Innasi Lineta Multi-Core Architecture and Programming Animated PPT n-body solvers
4 Mrs. L. T. Herlin Computer Networks Animation PPT Packet Switching
5 Mrs. Jerusalin Carol Communication Engineering Demonstration Modulation and transmission of communication systems
6 Dr. D. Dhanya Cloud Computing Simulation Map Reduce
7 Mr. R. Babu Internet Programming Hands on training Cascade Style sheets
8 Mrs. L.T. Herlin Computer Graphics Animated Video 2D transformations
9 Mrs. J. Benisha Janice Embedded and Real time Systems Demonstration ARM processor
10 Mrs. C. T. Lincy Programming and Data Structures II Animated video Array Operations, Stack, linked list
11 Mrs. J. Janila Operating Systems Role play Deadlock, Job Scheduling
12 Mrs. Austy B Evangeline Cryptography and Network Security Animated PPT Playfair Cipher,Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm
13 Mrs. J. Janila Software Engineering Team based activity Software development life cycle
14 Mrs. Ashy V Daniel Computer Architecture Animated PPT Pipelining
15 Mrs. C. T. Lincy Compiler Design Animated Video Phases of Compiler
16 Mrs. J. Benisha Janice Object Oriented Analysis and Design Charts UML diagrams