Projects and Consultancy

1: Segmentation of Visceral fat in Obese mice models, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
2: Development of software product for analysis of MR images, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

e-Yantra Robotics Teacher Competition (eYRTC) is an annual competition conducted by e-Yantra for the teachers teams in various colleges. The theme assigned for the year 2015 is Restaurant Assistant Robot. The e-Yantra teachers team was formed on 2 may 2015 at Mar Ephraem under the leadership of Prof.Dr. A lenin Fred with the following members, 1. Dr.SURESH. V 2. Prof.ABHILASH. R 3. Prof.JOHN PRADEEB. Y.S The initial training about how to program a robotic kit was organized by the e-yantra team of IIT Bombay on 12th and 13th May 2015 in Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi.The e-Yantra Teachers team participated in eYRTC, successfully completed all the tasks and qualified for the final. The eYRTC final demonstration was conducted online on 15 Oct 2015 and the teacher's team of mar Ephraem won the first place. On the same day the robotics lab was inaugurated in our college as a part of e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI).

e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC) is a unique annual competition for undergraduate students in science and engineering colleges. Seven students teams of Mar Ephraem registered for e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC). Each team consists of 4 students, appeared for online exam.
Team details
One team from School of Mechanical Engineering
Two team from School of Computers science
Two teams from School of Electrical and Electronics
Two teams from School of Electronics and communication
After online exam
One team selected for eYRC - Pizza delivery service
Three Teams selected for eYRC+ - Puzzle solver
Two teams selected for eYRC+ due to eLSI - Search and Rescue

From the above
Pizza delivery service - team selected for Final
Puzzle solver - teams not selected for Stage II
Search and Rescue - Two teams selected for Stage II, but only one team completed all the tasks and selected for the final e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC) finals held on 18-03-2016 and 19-03-2016 in IIT Bombay.
Two selected teams participated in the finalCompetition.
The Pizza delivery service team won the Third prize(cash award Rs 12,000) in the competition.

Students details
1. Rahul R U (team leader-Final ECE)
2. Benedict babu (II ECE)
3. Danny Patrick (II ECE)
4. Sobhin T saj (II ECE)
The Search and Rescue team got the fifth position

Students details
1. Dinu D (team leader-Final ECE)
2. Minto Monu Mathews (III ECE)
3. Hari Hara Kumar (III ECE)
4. Jacob cherian (III ECE)

The e-Yantra Ideas Competition solicits innovative projects from teams of eLSI colleges: Through eLSI our college participated in eYIC-2016. College level problem identification is conducted on 06-01-2016.Among the problem 3 ideas are selected and registered in eYIC.From the 3 ideas, 2 ideas are selected for implementation.After submitting the implementation video, both ideas were selected for final presentation in eYS-2016 held on 10-04-2016 and 11-04-2016.Both the teams got first prize (cash award Rs 8,000 and an raspberry pi board) under different categories,
1. No parking area clearing robot
Category: Best Demonstration and presentation
Students details:
a. Varghese sunny (team leader-II CSE)
b. Jerin George (II CSE)
c. Shejin A Vaidyan (II CSE)
d. Joseph Paulose (II CSE)

2. Intelligent car parking robot
Category: Judges choice
Students details:
a. Abel Jacob (team leader-III CSE)
b. Abin T john (II CSE)
c. Baby paul (Final ECE)
d. Shijin Raj S (Final ECE)


Supervised by: Mr. Babin T Praise
Students:Bony B Varughese, J.M Shibin, Bibin Bensigar

2. Farm Watch: An Efficient way to Monitor and Control a Multi Crop Farm
Supervised by : Mr. Lalin L Laudis.
Students : Jeffrin, Sudhan, Prabin
Amount Sanctioned : 7,500 INR
Status : Completed

3. Spot and shoot Robot: A Vision Dependent Robot for Border Security
Supervised by : Dr.V.Suresh
Students : Bodlin Lakha B S, Abisha Mol P, Adlin Surya S
Amount Sanctioned : 7,500 INR
Status : Completed

DST Funded Project
Modernization of Tribe's Ancestral Coconut Shell Crafting
Supervised by : Prof. Lalin L Laudis
Funded by : Science and Heritage Research Initiatives (SHRI), DST Govt. of India
Grant Amount : 48,30,880 INR
IoT Enabled Cordial Analyzer for Farmers: A Spot Analyzer with Agile Sensing Technologies for Smart Irrigation Sanctioned Amount : 56 LAKHS
Principal Investigator :Prof. Dr A. Lenin Fred
Co- Principal Investigator: Prof.Dr. V. Suresh, Prof.Babin T Praise
Development of a portable instrument for medical imageanalysing, compression and Transmission compatible forCT/MRI low slice thickness images.
Sanctioned Amount : 34 LAKHS
Principal Investigator :Prof. Dr A. Lenin Fred
Co- Principal Investigator: Prof. S.N Kumar, Dr P. Sebastian Varghese