List Of Equipments
Motorised gyroscope
Governor apparatus - Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors
Whirling of shaft apparatus
Spring mass vibration system
Torsional Vibration of single and two rotor system
Turn table apparatus
Bifilar suspension Setup
Mass Moment of Inertia by oscillation setup
Balancing of rotating mass setup
Balancing of reciprocating mass setup
Transverse vibration setup of
a) cantilever
b) Free-Free beam
c) Simply supported beam.
Cam profile drawing setup
Cam jump phenomenon setup
Gear Models
Kinematic Models to study various mechanisms
Vibration Absorber
Vibration Table apparatus

List Of Equipments
Meta Centric Pipe
Pitot tube
Pipe friction and losses
Bernoulli’s Theorem apparatus
Single stage Centrifugal pump
Reciprocating pump
Multistage Centrifugal pump
Gear oil pump
Submersible pump
Stop watch
Pelton wheel turbine
Francis turbine
Mouth piece apparatus
Notch apparatus
Kaplan turbine

List Of Equipments
Lathe machine
Surface Grinder
Slotter machine
Radial drilling Machine
Shaper Machine
Horizontal Milling machine
Vertical Milling Machine
Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Capstan Lathe
Turret Lathe
Planner machine
Gear hobbing Machine
Injection Moulding machine
Tool makers microscope
Centreless grinding machine
Tool Dynamometer
Milling Dynamometer

List Of Equipments
Velocity, Direction and Force measurement setup
Flow, Pressure and Temperature measurement setup
Basic Electro Pneumatic Trainer with PLC
Basic Electro Pneumatic Trainer
Basic Pneumatic Trainer
8051 Trainer Kit
Speed Control of AC Motor setup
Speed Control of DC Motor setup
Traffic light Interface
Stepper Motor
Speed Control of DC Motor

List Of Equipments
Vernier Caliper
Vernier Height Guage
Vernier Depth Guage
Slip Guage
Gear Tooth Vernier
Sine Bar
Sine Centre
Bevel Protector
Floating Carriage Micrometer with full kit
Profile Projector
Mechanical Comparator
Auto Collimator
Temperature Measuring Set up
Displacement Measuring Set up
Force Measuring Set up
Torque measuring Set up
Vibration Measuring Set up
Surface Plate
Telescopic Gauge Set
Bore Gauge

List Of Equipments
Computer Workstations
Color Desk Jet Printer
Multibody Dynamic Software
C / MATLAB Software

List Of Equipments
Car Engine – Petrol
Car Engine – Diesel
Demonstration of car chassis
Fuel supply system for petrol engine
Fuel supply system for diesel engine
Working model of a car steering
Synchromesh gear box
Differential gear assembly
Hydraulic brake unit
Clutch assembly

List Of Equipments
Universal Tensile Testing machine
Torsion Testing Machine
Impact Testing Machine
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine
Metallurgical Microscopes

List Of Equipments
Computer Servers
Laser Printers
CNC Lathe
CNC milling machine
CAD/CAM software
CAM Software for machining center and turning center

List Of Equipments
Carpentry vice (fitted to work bench)
Components for plumbing
Power Tools
Arc welding transformer
Centre lathe
Molding table, foundry tools
Drilling Machine
Bench Grinder

List Of Equipments
I.C Engine – 2 stroke and 4 stroke model
Apparatus for Flash and Fire Point
4-stroke Diesel Engine with mechanical loading
4-stroke Diesel Engine with hydraulic loading
4-stroke Diesel Engine with electrical loading
Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine
Single cylinder Petrol Engine
Data Acquisition system with 4-stroke Diesel Engine
Steam Boiler with turbine setup
Guarded plate apparatus
Lagged pipe apparatus
Natural convection-vertical cylinder apparatus
Forced convection inside tube apparatus
Composite wall apparatus
Thermal conductivity of insulating powder apparatus
Pin-fin apparatus
Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus
Emissivity measurement apparatus
Parallel/counter flow heat exchanger apparatus
Single/two stage reciprocating air compressor
Refrigeration test rig
Air-conditioning test rig
HC Refrigeration system
Fluidized Bed cooling tower

Equipment List
1 Stir Casting Machine
2 Muffle Furnace
3 Video Measuring Machine- CMM
4 3D Printer
5 Pin on Disc Tribometer